Sicilian Cooking Class e Art Nouveau experience
Sicilian cuisine is the expression of the culinary art developed on our island since ancient times and is closely linked to its historical, political and religious events. The Arabs brought oranges and lemons, sugar cane and rice to the island, making the confectionery tradition of cassata, cannoli, granita, sorbets and ice cream possible. Then came Imperial Spain with its spices imported from the Americas, and finally 18th century culture, with monarchical France and its famous Monsù (monsieurs), French chefs who were highly specialised in fine cuisine. In 2008, the worldwide recognition of this Mediterranean cuisine was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Our House

Casa Cuseni has a very long tradition of Sicilian cuisine, with the first owner, the British artist Robert Kitson, who had the last Monsù of Taormina, then with Daphne and Concetta, who experimented by blending a wonderful Sicilian cuisine with some English flavours. Now for you, in the best historical tradition of Sicily and Casa Cuseni, the chefs of Villa Cuseni will introduce you to the history of Sicily through its flavours.

Useful information

Guests will have a personal chef to assist them in the preparation of their food and can choose, in advance, the traditional Sicilian dishes they wish to make. The cooking-lesson at Casa Cuseni is a unique and unforgettable experience because you will be assisted by professionals and have the opportunity to have lunch in the refined dining-room of the House or on one of our terraces with the magnificent view of the Gulf of Naxos and Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. It is hoped you will take home with you the memory of our views, the refined Sicilian hospitality and the recipes of our cook or the oldest ones of our last monsù, handed down from generation to generation.

On request, you can be assisted by an interpreter.

The cost of the Sicilian Cooking Class & Art Nouveau Experience varies according to the number of participants.

Cooking classes are organised exclusively for the applicant/s and no other participants will be present.

A guided tour of Casa Cuseni and its garden is included.