Henry Faulkner

Henry Faulkner
double superior

A terrace with an extraordinary panorama that takes in the Gulf of Naxos, the volcano Etna and the city of Taormina; the room is furnished with perfectly restored 18th century furniture and authentic works by the American painter Henry Lawrence Faulkner and Robert Hawthorn Kitson. This room was chosen for Tennessee William, a frequent guest at the villa and a close friend of Henry Lawrence Faulkner.

It was in this very room that the American writer Ernest Hemingway wrote his first short story, The Mercenaries, at Christmas 1918.

The paintings and antique furniture in this room were declared part of Italy’s national cultural heritage on 22 March 2021 and are therefore under the protection of the Fine Arts Department of Messina.

Please take good care of them!

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